Steve Arkle – Civil Marriage Celebrant


Before you marry,  Australian law requires that you complete a Notice of Intention of Marriage.

The NOIM must be lodged with Steve no less than 1 month and one day and no more than 18 months prior to your marriage ceremony.

This can be filled out when you and your partner meet up with Steve on your very first meeting.

You must be able to produce the original or a certified copy of your birth certificate to Steve, and your name on the NOIM must be the same as your birth certificate.

If you were born overseas your Birth Certificate is preferred but if you can’t produce it, then your overseas passport will be accepted.

*Please note an Australian passport cannot be accepted and statutory declarations can only be used if you have been born overseas and cannot produce a Birth Certificate or overseas passport.

Where a party is a divorced person or a widow or widower, evidence of the divorce or evidence of the death of that party’s previous spouse must be produced, in the form of a Decree Absolute or Death Certificate.

After  the NOIM is filled out, and all the relevant documents are sighted by Steve, he will then take the time to talk to you, so that you can plan your ceremony together.

He will guide you through the order of service and give you plenty of ideas for vows, and readings for your big day.

Remember, it’s a civil service, so any ideas that you would like to include don’t hesitate to ask.

Steve will then ask you some questions about your relationship. How it began, when you fell in love, hopes for the future etc. and from there he will then go away and write your unique ceremony.

Every ceremony that Steve conducts is individually created, and together we will make your vision a perfect event!

After it is written, he will then email a copy for  you to read before the ceremony. This will give you enough time to make any changes if so desired.

A rehearsal time can be scheduled before your ceremony so that everyone in the bridal party is aware of where they will stand, and to give time for those who will speak to practice before the day and ensure all nerves are settled so that your wedding day can be even more enjoyable.

Usually at the rehearsal, Steve will get you to sign a declaration stating that you believe there is no impediment to the marriage between yourself and your future husband/wife.

If there is no rehearsal required, this is usually done a week before the wedding.

On your wedding day you will sign the wedding register and other documents. To complete this procedure you will need two witnesses who are both over the age of 18.